Join Downstate United and Hal Patton to take back Springfield!  

Who is Hal Patton?

I am a MetroEast business owner and municipal leader with a passion for community service. I believe in job creation, serving the people of Illinois as an experienced leader with financial stewardship that is second to none.  

Why Hal Patton for State Senate?

For years, I sat back like so many others, thinking the chaos in Springfield would get straightened out. But as long as Mike Madigan is in office; things will never change. 

I believe it is time for downstate Illinois voters to take back their representation, to speak as one voice about the things that matter most to us regardless of our normal political affiliation. A voting block working for the things we value, fiscal responsibility, excellent schools, job opportunities for our hardworking people, and steadfast support for the First and Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

In my time as a municipal leader has brought more than 3,000 new jobs, millions of dollars in new tax revenue, new parks for the region to share and no increase in property taxes.

Action Items: What can you do?

Joining this effort is easy. My team has launched a petition drive to get Hal Patton and the Downstate United movement on the ballot in November. Download the petition and the instructions here

You can also be a social media ambassador for the campaign by following and sharing news about the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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